November 20, 2017

Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality II: Achieving More Effective Conservation
Edited by Pete Nowak and Max Schnepf
2010, 168 pages, softbound
ISBN 978-0-9769432-8-0

Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality II builds on the first conference and book by going beyond the science of soil and water conservation to examine the effectiveness of practice application, beginning with the tools and methods used to identify vulnerable areas, manage environmental risk, and target risky behaviors.

The book contains papers commissioned by the SWCS for each of the subthemes identified by the conference committee:

  1. Assessing landscapes: Vulnerabilities and values.
  2. Targeting risky behaviors on vulnerable landscapes.
  3. Institutional challenges to managing environmental quality on agricultural landscapes.
  4. Measuring conservation effectiveness across agricultural landscapes.

In addition, the book includes two keynote papers and a final synthesis paper written by Pete Nowak who served as program chair for the conference.

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