November 20, 2017

Aldo Leopold: The Man and His Legacy
Edited by Thomas Tanner
180 pages, softbound

This book is a collection of essays that are meant to honor the significant life of the man who is known to many as the father of the land ethic and game management. As scientist, activist, philosopher, and author, Leopold is probably best known for "A Sand County Almanac," published posthumously in 1949.

This book is arranged into three parts: First we learn about the development of Leopold’s ideals, the source of his motivation and his “land ethic.” Then Leopold’s influence on other scientist is weighed by considering the views of four members of the academic community in his field. Finally, we get a view of Leopold from his family’s perspective. This collection of new essays will help you and those around you develop the land ethic from inspired idea to cultural reality.

The 2012 edition includes the new Foreword by Curt Meine, as well as Forewords written in 1987 by Stewart L. Udall and in 1995 by Paul W. Johnson.

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