November 20, 2017
Adopting Conservation on the Farm: An International Perspective of the Socioeconomics of Soil and Water Conservation
Edited by Ted L. Napier, Silvana M. Camboni, and Samir A. El-Swaify
532 pages, hardbound

Environmental degradation associated with production agriculture is a universal problem of monumental proportions in every geographic region of the world. This book examines the successes and failures of conservation programs at the farm level—from a social, economic, public policy, and technological perspective.

Major topics include these categories:
·   An evaluation of technical solutions to soil and water conservation problems
·   An assessment of the issues associated with soil and water conservation in both developed and developing countries
An evaluation of area-specific soil and water conservation programs that includes Africa, Asia, western Europe, eastern Europe, Central and South America, Canada, and Australia.

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