November 20, 2017
Environmental Benefits of Conservation on Cropland: The Status of Our Knowledge
Edited by Max Schnepf and Craig Cox
326 full-color pages, 8.5" x 11" softbound
ISBN 978-0-9769432-3-5

This book is a helpful contribution to a strategic, coordinated, and effective effort to meet the environmental challenge confronting agriculture. Don't miss this must-have book that captures current knowledge on cropland conservation in one useful volume! The book documents what we know and what we don’t about the environmental effects of current conservation practices applied to cropland.

This book is an important contribution to a more strategic and effective effort to meet the urgent environmental challenges confronting agriculture. Chapters by leading experts on soil management, water management, nutrient management, pest management, and landscape management practices. This book includes
·   Documentation of the environmental effects of conservation practices related to water quality, soil quality, water conservation, and air quality.
·   Guidance for conservationists who provide technical assistance to farmers.
·   Important input for the Farm Bill and policymakers.
·   Scientific foundation for the USDA’s Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP).
·   Framework for future research.
·   Educational reference and sourcebook.

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